"Hmmm, I put those clothes in the dryer over an hour ago and they are still wet." Sound familiar? Well now's the time to stop feeding the Electric Company all your hard earned Dollars. letting us maintain your Dryer & Vent will more than pay for itself in most cases in less than one month. Electric Utility bills are due to go up even higher in the future. WE CAN HELP! By having your dryer vent cleaned annually, not only will you save money on electric bills but also on costly repairs due to your dryer over heating. Quit burning excess energy and EXCESS CASH!!!


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Tired of waiting for your clothes to dry?
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We are proud to introduce ourselves as the Premier Dryer Vent Cleaning Service. In line with America's new focus on energy, our contribution brings savings in energy direct to your home or business. We will remove all excess lint from your Dryer Vent, thereby reducing the risk of fires, prolonging dryer life, cutting drying times and most importantly SAVING YOU MONEY!!! We offer a professional evaluation and will advise on the best course of action concerning your personal situation as we are well-versed on state and county code regulations. Servicing: Plant City, Lakeland, Brandon, Tampa, Valrico FL and many more.